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dudziarzKapela Ko¼larska
Kapela ko¼larska jest to zespó³ muzyków, graj±cy w sk³adzie kozio³ i skrzypce do pocz±tków XX wieku, w latach przed I wojn± ¶wiatow± do³±czy³ do tego sk³adu klarnet Es, a w latach miêdzywojennych tr±bka B. W takim zestawieniu kapele graj± jeszcze w okresie powojennym i jak pokazuj± fakty wp³yw na to gdzie i komu gra³y kapele mia³y finanse. Zmieni³o siê to w okresie, kiedy mecenat nad kultur± przejê³o pañstwo.
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ARTYKU£Y: strony_obcojezyczne_dziewczyny.jpgThe bagpipes group started her activity in Zb±szynek in 1960. Her main initiator and founder was Tomasz Kotkowiak, who became also the first instructor and manager. Tomasz Kotkowiak was born on 23.10.1909 in Siedlec by Wolsztyn, there he attended the primary school and parallel he was learning play on clarinet Es, little bit later on violin and on wedding white bagpipes. His master was Jan Gniatowski, who build him his first bagpipes. The siblings of fife brothers and a sister created a family band, that played together till 1939. In 1945 Tomasz together with his wife and children moved to Zb±szynek and started his job at the railway. Till 1960 he played with several musicians an weddings, casual celebrations, festivals and banquets. He was also the vice president of the Folk Musicians Association. Further he performer as the chef of the group in Zb±szynek, which he leaded till 1991, being an multi instrumentalist and builder of the bagpipes. Through all these years about 120 musicians have improved their knowledge in playing on bagpipes, violin, clarinet Es and trumpet B. The group played in 31 years over 500 concerts at several private and national ceremonies winning many precious prices at festivals and reviews.

ARTYKU£Y: strony_obcojezyczne_kapela.jpgSince 1992 in tribute to Tomasz starts her activity the bagpipes group „Kotkowiacy”. The master in his advanced age and because of closing the culture house “Kolejarz” does no longer take part at learning and building of bagpipes. His knowledge he handed on his grandson Jerzy Skrzypczak and he is the one who took over the heritage after his grandfather. First frame of the group “Kotkowiacy” was analog to the family group of Tomasz. In the group were playing Jerzy Skrzypczak on bagpipes, Edward Kolendowicz on clarinet Es, Stanis³aw Szwat on violin, Stefan Pañczocha on accordion , Karol Ho³od on clarinet B, Marek Dembniak on double-bass and Miros³awa Skrzypczak singing. In 1996 Stanis³aw Szwat quitted and on his place came Jan Prz±dka.

On 6 Mai 1996 Tomasz Kotkowiak died. The community of Zb±szynek founded him after the city county passed a bill an obelisk with a board in form stylized bagpipes with picture of Tomasz and words: “In the music he contained the beauty of our land”.

The changing times extort changes in the instrumental frame of the group. There are concerts where with the authentic group (bagpipes, violin, clarinet Es) are playing accordion and the entirety is being succored by rock sound of electrical guitar, percussion and instead of double-bass plays bass guitar.

ARTYKU£Y: strony_obcojezyczne_skansen.jpgIn 2001 the frame of the group changed again. K. Ho³od, E. Kolendowicz and J. Prz±dka quitted and their places took the daughters of M. Dembniak – Lidka nd of J. Skrzypczak – Marta. By time to the group jointed bagpipes player Przemys³aw Dudziñski and clarinet Es player Jaros³aw Springer. This frame plays till today. Through 15 years the group has played over 800 concerts in Poland and in 20 European countries. For his success holds the group the fact, that they have played in nearly 600 educational institutions.

Within a framework of didactic lessons with the Lubuskie Biuro Koncertowe, over 60.000 children, pupils and students has listened to the lectures. The group played many more or less prestige concerts with other leading representatives of the polish entertainment music, presenting the authentic and stylized folklore to many personalities from politics, sports and culture.

Since 2004 in the culture house „Kolejarz” In Zb±szynek exists a group “Mali Kotkowiacy” (“Young Kotkowiacy”) carried by Jerzy Skrzypczak. Though short practice the young players have already played at some local entertainments.

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Robert Gaudyn

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